Lyric Invisible Hearing: A Look at the Smallest Hearing Aid

lyricWith the Phonak Lyric hearing aid, life is on like never before. It’s the world’s first and only 100% invisible and 24/7 wearable hearing instrument, offering months of use before replacement.

Creekside Hearing Aid Service is proud to be recognized as a Lyric hearing aid provider. Lyric hearing aids offer technologically advanced, virtually invisible devices.

What is Lyric?

Branded as “contact lenses for your ears,” Lyric hearing aids are:

  • 100% invisible – once placed by your hearing health care provider, the devices can’t be seen.
  • Effortless – with 24/7 access to sound, the Lyric can be used during all daily activities, like exercising, showering and even sleeping.
  • Battery freedom – there are no batteries to change, no maintenance needed, and no daily removal or storage required.
  • Natural – placed deep in the ear canal, these hearing aids direct sound naturally, which reduces background noise and feedback, and provides unparalleled sound quality.

Can I wear Lyric?

Lyric is designed for use in patients who have mild to moderately-severe hearing loss. Our Lyric-trained hearing professionals will determine your level of hearing loss, ear shape and lifestyle to determine if this hearing instrument is the best choice for your hearing health.

How long do the devices last?
The hearing aid can be worn for months at a time. Individual replacement needs vary since the device’s battery life depends on different ear conditions. But you can enjoy battery freedom since there are no batteries to change, no maintenance required and no daily removal or storage.

How does Lyric work?
Innovative deep ear technology addresses hearing loss by using the ear’s natural size and shape to capture sound and amplify it organically. With Lyric hearing aids, sound enters the ear and naturally flows towards the ear drum, just as it does for those with “normal” hearing.

To achieve this deep ear solution, the Lyric is a breakthrough in processing, acoustics, packaging and power supply. The result is the only hearing instrument that provides crisp, clear sound around the clock for months at a time. Enjoy reduced background noise and feedback, as well.

In patient surveys, 99% of Lyric wearers preferred these extended wear hearing aids over traditional devices. Moreover, 95% preferred Lyric sound quality over other hearing aids, and 96% would recommend Lyric to loved ones.

Forget about your hearing loss and spend time connecting with your loved ones again! To see if Lyric hearing aids are right for you, contact Creekside Hearing Aid Service online or call our Vacaville, CA office at 707-317-1891.  We serve Solano County, Dixon, Fairfield, and Vacaville.