Creekside Attends Hearing Health Conference

This past February, the team from Creekside Hearing Aid Service traveled from coast to coast to attend the 2017 AHAA Convention in Orlando, Florida.

The conference is held every year to give hearing care providers a better understanding of the issues in the industry and to give recommendations on how to better serve patients.

Vision 2020 was the overall theme for the conference, and many of the seminars and workshops focused on planning ahead for the future.  With technology and trends rapidly changing and developing, Creekside understands how important it is to stay ahead of the curve.

From learning about optimizing patient care, improving practice efficiency and making the offices more patient-friendly, Creekside returned with valuable insight to grow and improve.

During the final night, attendees were invited to a karaoke event to let loose after four days of seminars.  Cynthia M. Peffers, ACA, BC-HIS, impressed everyone with her karaoke performance.  Hearing her amazing vocals demonstrates the importance of working in this industry.

Hearing a lovely singer, listening and learning during group seminars, and chatting with colleagues about the advances in hearing technology, all depend on healthy hearing.

The team from Creekside Hearing Aid Service has already begun implementing this valuable new knowledge to better serve the amazing patients they help! To experience their premium care visit the office in Vacaville, California or contact 707.317.1891 to schedule your appointment today.