Our Services

If you have any questions about these services, please contact our Vacaville, CA office at 707-317-1891. We’re conveniently located at 600 Nut Tree Road, Ste 250 and are here to help!

At Creekside Hearing Aid Service, we understand that your hearing needs may differ from the other visitors we see. That’s why your hearing treatment plan will be unique. We listen to you, take our time with our evaluations, and emphasize follow-ups because we want all of our Solano County residents to enjoy better hearing health.

We’re with you every step of your way back to hearing health. We’re invested in you and your hearing health. Below are some of the many services that we tailor to you and your needs.


Hearing Evaluation

  • Hearing assessment via air and bone conduction pure tone audiometry.
  • Speech audiometry, including threshold measurement and word discrimination testing.
  • Industrial audiometric testing programs.


Educational Hearing Services

  • Aural rehabilitation.
  • Educational counseling and recommendations.
  • Communication tips for friends and family.


Hearing Aid Dispensing Services

  • 100% digital hearing aid systems and accessories.
  • Assistive listening devices (amplification and notification devices, etc.).
  • Hearing aid evaluation.
  • Hearing aid programming and analysis.
  • Real ear verification and speech mapping.
  • Custom earmold products and modifications.
  • Hearing aid education and post-delivery counseling.
  • Total Listening Care Program.
  • Hearing aid maintenance and repair.
  • 45-day evaluation period for all hearing aids.


Other Rehabilitation Services

  • Custom hearing protection.
  • Custom swim plugs.
  • Custom sleep plugs.
  • Custom musician’s plugs.
  • Custom earbuds for Apple iPod.
  • Caption Call.