What to Expect at Your Hearing Evaluation

Hearing loss impacts more than just your ability to hear – it affects your quality of life. At Creekside Hearing Aid Service, our professionals stress the importance of regular, comprehensive hearing evaluations.

A hearing evaluation is an essential first step towards better hearing. We use the results of your hearing evaluation to create your individualized hearing care plan and remain proactive in addressing your hearing health needs.

Steps of hearing evaluations include:

In-Depth Interview and Thorough Medical History

This process helps our fully licensed providers understand the extent of your hearing loss. It also enables our specialists to determine any specific hearing needs you may have that require additional attention.

Hearing Exam

Our specialists take a close look inside your ears and determine whether your hearing loss might be caused by an obstruction or damage to the eardrum or ear canal.

Hearing Assessment

Next, we’ll determine the nature of your hearing loss. Common hearing tests include:

  • Air and Bone Conduction Pure-Tone Audiometry
  • Threshold Measurement
  • Word Discrimination Testing
  • Speech Audiometry

**This is an especially important step in our hearing assessment. Speech audiometry is not only important to assess your actual hearing level for tones, but for your speaking abilities as well. Optimally, the main goal is to see what your speech level is, and how hearing loss treatment can help you improve.

What Next?

Our fully licensed specialists review the results of your hearing evaluations with you in detail and ensure that you understand and are comfortable with your treatment plan. We leave no questions left unanswered. When applicable, the Creekside Hearing Service professionals offer referral for medical follow-up to the appropriate professional, such as an ENT or primary care doctor.

We take pride in educating our community about healthy hearing. That’s why we offer:
• Communication tips for family and friends
• Aural rehabilitation
• Educational counseling and referrals

If you do need hearing aids, Creekside Hearing Aid Service is a trusted hearing aid dispensing service. We boast assistive listening devices, care programs, and a 45-day evaluation period for all our hearing aids.

Contact us today or call 707-317-1891 to schedule a hearing evaluation. We make it easy for residents in Vacaville, Dixon, and Fairfield, California and greater Solano County to enjoy healthier hearing.