“Laura, I wanted to write you about how pleased I am with the hearing aids I purchased from your office. When I first visited I had no idea what I needed. I had visited several hearing aid places but your helpfulness and professional care I received from you convinced me you were the right place for my hearing needs. Once I received the heairng aids you were very helpful and answered my numerous questions and concerns. You certainly went beyond what most would have done when I was having problems attaching the hearing components to my TV. You actually came to my house and helped me set up what was needed. You as a representative of Creekside Hearing Aid Service was great. Your company is definitely at the top of its field. I have moved now but still can call on you. Thank you.”
-P.K. in SoCal

My experience with Creekside Hearing was excellent. They definitely went the extra mile to identify specifically my hearing disabilities. They worked with me over a couple of months in this discovery effort. I couldn’t recommend a more competent and concerned team of experts who definitely made the difference.
– Richard W., Vacaville, CA

Cynthia, Thank you for taking the time to make my hearing aids work for me with my particular hearing loss. Prior to visiting you I had seen other specialists and in both cases I was told that using my current hearing aids would not be an option for me. Again, I would like to thank you. I know you saved me thousands.
– Richard R., Vacaville, CA

Thanks to you for helping my husband with his hearing problems. We also found a group of friends that we truly care for! I have told you before, out of all the other hearing aid people we went to with no results you made the difference. Thank you for all you have done to help my husband!
– Robyn M., Vacaville, CA

My new hearing aids are the most awesome invention in the world! They are very easy to use since they are automatic. I don’t have to adjust anything, and I hear great!
– Zona G., Dixon, CA

These new hearing aids are a great improvement over my last pair, and are well worth the investment!
– Tony A., Vacaville, CA

Service at Creekside is the best, and my new hearing aids are phenomenal! They sound more like ‘real’ hearing. Thank you for all you’ve done for me!
– Phyllis D., Vacaville, CA

My new hearing aids are amazing! I can hear the doves on my property again. I haven’t been able to hear them in years! Thank you Creekside Hearing Aid Service!
– Helen B., Vacaville, CA

These hearing aids are fantastic! I’ve been able to hold conversations with my grandkids for the first time! My youngest granddaughter has started calling me on the telephone, something she has never done before because I was never able to understand her. My wife and I went to the movies soon after I got the hearing aids and saw ‘Sherlock Holmes’. The actors speak with British accents, and at a rapid pace. I was able to understand every word! This was never possible before I purchased my hearing aids from Cindy at Creekside!
– John M., Roseville, CA

I’m so happy to find the right person to help me so much! I can now hear conversation and the birds outside. Before, I was depressed and missing out. Now I’m so happy to hear again. I know I found the right place for help. I can live every day to my best. Blessings to all of you at Creekside Hearing!
– Edith Marchesi, Fairfield, CA

I just got my new hearing aids and my life is now wonderful. I can hearing everything. The hearing aids allow me to turn the TV down very low, and my neighbors are grateful. I can’t feel the hearing aids in my ears. I got my aids from Creekside Hearing Aid Service, in Vacaville, and could never ask for a better place. Being able to hear is the best thing that could enrich my life.
– Patsy Alexander, Rio Vista, CA

I was referred to Creekside Hearing Aid Service a few years back and cannot say enough great things about them. All of the staff provide the best customer service you will ever find! They know hearing aids and find exactly what we hearing-impaired customers need. Each time my wife and I visit their office, the staff is professional, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I just received my newest hearing aids a few weeks ago, and as my wife stated to Cynthia, my quality of life has vastly improved. I would recommend Creekside Hearing Aid Service to anyone who wants to hear the world around them!
– T. Schneider, Dixon, CA

I appreciate the meticulous care I received at Creekside Hearing Aid Service. They definitely didn’t pressure me but left the decision up to me. I appreciate that as well. These must be the best hearing aids in the world. I feel like I can hear as I did when I was a child. And I can compete with my grandchildren again! And last but not least, I appreciate the follow up care I continue to receive.
– A. Cole, Vacaville, CA

“Cynthia, you my dear, are so amazingly good to my mother-in-law, and myself! We absolutely are so thankful to have had you squeeze us in for her hearing test in the booth and then you spent more time on adjustments to get everything “just-so!” Your explanations of hearing volume and understanding hearing were clear and precise! Every time we visit your lovely office, we are treated so lovingly and never rushed! Just had to say again, Thank you! Take care till we see  you all again!                                                                             -Linda H., Vacaville, CA